Perfect The Office Gifts for the Fan in Your Life

The Office Gift Guide

It's been nearly a decade since The Office ended, leaving an empty hole in a lot of our lives. Fortunately, you can still find it streaming on Peacock, or if you're anything like me you have the complete series box set already and it doesn't leave your DVD/Blu-ray player. More good news? From one fan to another, we put together this list of The Office gifts, which feature some of the hilarious and nostalgic things you can get to surround yourself in your own makeshift Dunder Mifflin office.

If you're not a fan yourself, someone in your life is, and while I'm sure you're real tired of hearing "that's what she said" jokes, here you are to find them perfect The Office gifts. Whether you love it or are just meh about it, The Office was a cultural phenomenon that is still wildly popular. Take a trip back to the world's favorite little paper company with these handpicked gifts for The Office fans who already have everything but definitely need a little more.

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Kevin's Chili Socks

Socks with Kevin from The Office dropping chili

Kevin's chili looked so good, didn't it? Sadly, no one got to try it. I'm sure we've all had a moment of tragedy in the kitchen before and felt that real pain of watching hours of work go all over the countertops, the floor, ourselves, then inevitably in the trash. Safe to say most of us haven't done it in front of all our coworkers. The good news is that you can immortalize that hilariously tragic moment and relive your own cooking disasters on your feet with these cozy socks.

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Dundie Trophy

The Dundie Awards Trophy from The Office

We've all needed an extra pat on the back for seemingly average accomplishments. That one coworker who spends A LOT of time in the bathroom, the friend that always has random useful stuff in their bag, and even for the tightwad in your life. You can even channel your inner Michael Scott and give yourself one for just being awesome. Personalize your friend's and coworker's best or worst traits and accomplishments with their very own Dundie Award. For extra laughs, you can always pair it with a Chili's gift card.

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Door Plate

Door plate sign from The Office

Do you hate being that obnoxious person who has to always tell everyone you love The Office? We know you don't hate it, regardless, it's time to take it down a few notches and get this office door plate to let people know they are amongst friends without alerting the haters. With an easy sticky backing, it gives you the option to display it on a wall or simply lean it on your desk in front of that annoying blinking light on your computer. It's perfect for your office, bedroom, even right outside the bathroom.

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Sticker Pack

The Office sticker pack

Spice up your computer, water bottle, or daily planner with these funny stickers featuring your favorite characters and quotes, or are you one of those people with sticker anxiety who endlessly hoard stickers until you find the perfect spot for it? We never do find the spot. Wherever you decide, these are a a perfect part of the best The Office gifts pack you can put together. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you're on you can express your loyalty to The Office fandom by sticking these literally everywhere…or keeping them in a safe spot where you can enjoy them every time you stumble upon them until the day comes that you finally find the perfect thing to stick them on!

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The Office Themed Colored Pencil Set

The Office colored pencils and coloring pages

For the fan that probably has almost everything they can from The Office, I’ve gone one more thing they or you absolutely need. Avoid maiming your friends with geese for Secret Santa with this set of colored pencils paired with character and show references puns like “Bluze Cruise,” where we saw Jim confide in Michael that he was in love with Pam on the “Booze Cruise” episode, for once, Michael actually gave some good advice. “The Electric City,” referring to the hilarious rap Michael and Dwight come up with on “The Merger,” to let the incoming folks from Stamford know how awesome the Scranton branch is. With this pack of twelve colored pencils and a set of five coloring pages printed on thick cardstock featuring things like the Threat Level Midnight poster and a Serenity by Jan candle, you can spend hours coloring your favorite show and reminiscing about the episodes they are based on.

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Dwight Poster

Dwight Schrute poster, what would an idiot do?

Who doesn't need a reminder every now and again to not be an idiot? I know I sure need it, more often than I'd like to admit. Who better to remind you and me more than the infamous Dwight Schrute? Sure, he's blunt but he does have some valid advice on how to not be an idiot. Hang this poster by your front door and never leave without thinking twice before doing that thing that an idiot would do, hang it in your office for daily reminders, keep it in your bathroom for your morning affirmations, you might even have an idiot friend who really isn't getting the message in conventional ways. Regardless of your reasoning, this poster is a must-have for the Dwight fans out there.

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"It is Your Birthday" Banner

It's Your Birthday banner from The Office

Are you someone who strictly sticks to "the facts?" Yes? Well, this banner is for you. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know that it's their day with this banner that cuts the pageantry and gets down to the basics. A factual, "It is your birthday." You could also be thinking to yourself what's so great about this banner that I need it? Well, you can use it over and over again, there's no age, name, gender, any identifying markers that would make it unusable again. Grandma's birthday, that one cousin you only really see on Thanksgiving, your best friend, the possibilities are endless!

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Dwight "the Mask" Sequin Pillowcase

DWIGHT SCHRUTE - The Mask The Office Fan Sequin Pillowcase

Curl up on your couch with some fava beans and a nice chianti, give this sequined pillowcase a swipe up with your hand, and laugh till your stomach hurts. I can't be the only one when viewing this episode for the first time was immediately laughing so hard it hurt when "the patient" didn't make it and Dwight popped back up with the dummy's face over his own channeling everyone's favorite cannibal, Hannibal Lector. I've seen that episode hundreds of times by now and I still lose it every single time. A hilarious and horrifying addition for any fan of the "Stress Relief" episode, knowing there was noting relieving stress in the office that day.

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Kelly's America's Got Talent Watch Party Mug

The Office personalized star face mug

Are you bad at checking your email? If this is true it's safe to say you missed Kelly's invitation to her watch party. Feeling left out because you didn't get a mug? Feeling even more, self-conscious because you're being bullied for not coming? Whether you purposefully ignored it or accidentally missed it you can still get your very own face mug and act like you were there the whole time. You're probably still going to have to face the silent treatment from Kelly but let's face it, we all know she can't keep her mouth shut for that long. She's always moments from a crisis that will have her right back at your desk any second now.

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"That One Night" Serenity by Jan Candle

Serenity by Jan - That One Night Candle from The Office

While we all know Jan's candle company Serenity by Jan isn't a real company, you can pretend with this candle. Named after Jan's former assistant Hunter's song "That One Night," that left us all experiencing second-hand embarrassment for not only her but poor Michael. I think it's safe to say we all cringed super hard that entire episode and it gave us so many great quotes and scenes. My personal favorites, "Snip snap, snip snap, snip snap!" and the comically small plasma TV Michael was so proud of, it was a flatscreen LED but I'm not here to split hairs and ruin his dinner party. Grab some wine, light this candle up, and belt it out, "that one night, you made everything alright."

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Michael Scott Flasher Light Switch Plate

Michael Scott flashing light switch cover gag gift

Do you need something to make your home or office just a little more low brow, inappropriate, more "Michael Scott" if you will? Taken from the "Women's Appreciation" episode that was a real sidesplitter, Pam works with Phylis' description of the flasher makes a composite drawing, it looks almost identical to Dwight. Dwight being Dwight does not make the connection and hangs the fliers all over town, classic. Michael being who he is tries to make light of the situation, per usual he just makes it worse by imitating the flasher. Now you can get your hands on this light switch plate featuring Michael's inappropriate office banter and watch those around you feel like Phylis when she had her run-in with "the flasher."

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Prison Mike Car Air Freshener

The Office themed air fresheners with Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and the Dundler Mifflin sign

The Convict is a classic episode of The Office, what do we remember about that episode most? Prison Mike of course. After discovering that one of the employees who was acquired during the Stamford merger, Michael strikes again. Unhappy with the boring crime of insider trading and making prison sound better than working in the office he cooks up Prison Mike to prove a point, badly. For those of you who need a constant reminder in traffic that prison isn't better than going to work every day. Or just feel like the age-old pine tree fresheners need to be retired, this Prison Mike freshener is the perfect gift and reminder for you and those road ragers in your life that you would absolutely not make it through a Dementor attack. I've heard when they suck out your soul, it hurts!

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Threat Level Midnight Poster

Threat Level Midnight poster from The Office

Threat Level Midnight was a labor of love for Michael Scott, a film that took 11 years of writing, shooting, re-shooting, and editing. It follows Agent Micheal Scarn as he tries to foil Goldenface's plot to blow up a hockey stadium for the insurance money while struggling with the loss of his wife at Goldenface's hands. If this amazing fictional movie had you on the edge of your seat this is the perfect gift. For the film buff in your life or a treat for yourself, it's a must-have for that spot on the living room wall. Don't act like you won't break out "the Scarn" every time you see it. In case you forgot the steps all you have to do is jump to the right and shake a hand, the rest will come back to you.

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Stapler in Jello Soap

Stapler in Jello soap, inspired by The Office

Watching Dwight's reaction to finding his stapler in Jello was hilarious, more so when we find out it's not the first time. Admit it, after seeing the pilot episode of The Office, you've always wanted to play this epic prank of putting your coworker's office supplies in Jello. This might not be quite the same but now is the time to curb your urges, channel your inner Jim, and gift the Dwight in your life mild inconvenience with this hilarious stapler in Jello soap. I have to highly suggest against telling them to just eat the stapler out as Michael suggests. Maybe just tell them to wash their hands more?

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Kevin's Famous Chili Cutting Board

Kevin from The Office serving board - The trick is to undercook the onions...

We all know it's common knowledge that you undercook the onions so everyone gets to know each other in the pot when making chili, Kevin taught us that. This cutting board will make the fan in your life smile every time they enter their kitchen and for those in your life who don't know this trick, this cutting board is a perfect addition to their kitchen. They'll be serving you better chili and it'll make you chuckle every time you see it, the reason won't be awesome chili but Kevin's tumble with that giant pot and watching him rapidly experience the stages of grief, heartbreaking. I'd like to say don't tell them but honestly if they haven't seen the episode, you're doing them a disservice as a friend. Remember conflict resolution? it's a win-win-win!

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