Have you ever watched a blockbuster movie and thought to yourself, “What would this movie look like as a pencil?”

Of course you have!

It's a natural thought and nothing to be ashamed of. And if you’ve never had that thought - good luck not thinking about it now. You’re welcome.

But fear not! Our crack staff of arbitrarily-qualified pencil pushers works day and night mining the pop culture zeitgeist to formulate the colored pencil sets you need…or want…or end up gifting to those hard-to-shop-for people in your life.

How do we do it?  Easy…

We were a group theoretical physicists that accidentally punched a hole into a parallel universe while performing a run of the mill quantum entanglement experiment on a micro black hole we created via cold fusion. The resulting cosmic wormhole has been spewing forth a non-stop-stream of pencils foil-stamped with pop culture themed and pun-ladened word play.

Got it? The simplest explanation is usually the answer.

And if you Red this and find yourself a-Green with what we White. Or if we just Blue your mind and Maroo-end any chance of you being happy without a set of our pencils. Don't worry - we can get you Black to normal. In fact, things will be GreyteOrange you glad we're here to help!?!

See, we just can't help ourselves.

We are determined to cover what’s popping in the world of TV, movies, music, and other culture-shifting events while adding a little color commentary of our own. Check out our selection of colored pencil sets, coloring pages, and the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, the pick of the litter, the...(sorry, got carried away), gift sets to impress.

Our mission is to lighten your load for a second with a bit of joy, a slight smile, and the occasional eye roll.

We Are Pop Colors