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    'Practically Punny In Every Way'

    Ben Bailey - Chief Pun Officer

    Ben has worked on Broadway and discovered the idea for Pop Colors after launching Nerdable, a fan site for TV, Movies and Pop Culture. He loves creating fun products for fandoms of all kinds. Finally, he's found an outlet for his tiring puns and dad-jokes. 

    Katie Bettini - Artist 

    Katie Bettini is an artist working in Los Angeles CA. She loves painting, binge-watching the same 3 shows and laughing at memes. She is so excited to work with PopColors and can't wait to see everyone's beautiful drawings! 

    Amanda Meador - Artist

    Currently residing in Albuquerque, NM with her husband and daughter, Amanda Meador categorizes herself as an illustrator first and then graphic designer. Her specialty includes creating whimsical designs with bright, modern color palettes and being able to cover a vast array of projects from coloring books pages to children’s book illustrations to company invites, one pagers and logos. Her priority and goals are to continue in creative endeavors, taking on more illustrative projects and growing her design skills to their fullest potential. When she is not working on illustrative work, she spends time with her family and other second love, songwriting.


    Celebrating pop culture with color! Custom crayons, colored pencils & coloring books. PopColors is all about finding the perfect puns to express your pride, opinion & fandom. All products are handmade and delivered in special packaging perfect for display.


    We are an Oregon based company with team members in NYC and NJ


    We stumbled upon this idea while creating a Hamilton the Musical fan-based pencil set for a subsidiary company, ThespianSwag.com.

    They were an instant success, and we thought we were on to something.


    Who doesn't love a good pun? Sometimes life can be too serious and so we want to help put a smile on someone's face during crazy times. Our mission is to make you laugh and help express your pride in a colorful way. Putting a funny twist on a timeless product. Many of our customers use the product, and many just keep them on the shelf for display.

    Thanks for visiting and happy coloring!


    For questions comments or concerns you may contact us Here


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