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Drunk Colors Colored Pencils

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  • Makes A Great Gift!
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  • SET OF 12 PENCILS - Each pre-sharpened, hexagonal pencil is foil-stamped with a fun drinking term or pun related to the pencil’s color.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THAT DRINKER - A great gift for the drinker that has everything. Each set is clever and functional!
  • SHIPS IN A DISPLAY BOX - The display box has an opening to show off the clever sayings stamped on the pencils. Great for presenting as a gift, dropping into a stocking, or for displaying as a keepsake.
  • DESIGNED & STAMPED IN THE USA - Each pencil is hand-stamped and assembled by a small business in Charlotte, North Carolina. Non-toxic and ASTM Approved. Safe for Kids & Adults.

Alcohol has been around since cavemen weren’t just exhibits in a museum. A discovery of Stone Aged jugs suggests that dating back as far as 10,000 B.C. that even our caveman brethren were knocking them back. Granted these days our drinks of choice have become more sophisticated. We’ve got so many choices at our fingertips, wine, beer, champagne, malt liquor, hard liquor. There's something for everyone.

This fun pack of pencils is the perfect gift for fans of poking fun at themselves. Each pencil is foil-stamped with a fun reference or pun related to the often funny pitfalls of drinking.

Remember the first time you ever lied to your parents about staying over with your friend when really you were in a field somewhere random with the spins? Ever had your drinks hit you like a ton of bricks after getting up out of your chair? I know we all remember our first shot, it was terrible! It burned and made you struggle to hold it down. Well look at us now, all grown up and responsible...but we know damn well we’ve all made some mistakes when it comes to enjoying alcohol. At least we got some good stories out of it!!! Being responsible is the key but this set isn’t about that. This set is about getting a little too excited after not going out for a while. This set is about enjoying social time with friends with bottles that won’t stop coming. This set is about feeling like we’re invincible...but then inevitably paying for it the next day. If this is relatable, raise your glass, give a toast, maybe pour one out for a friend, and grab a set.

Color Names

  • dgjGhsj4$sjG#f (Maroon)
  • Blackout (Black)
  • Chalk Of Shame (White)
  • Slurrrple (Purple)
  • Pick-Up Lime (Green)
  • Bloody Mary (Red)
  • Bluerry (Blue)
  • Lemon Queezy (Yellow)
  • Sh*t-Faced (Brown)
  • Tangover (Orange)
  • Tan I Come Home With You? (Tan)
  • Gold Fashioned (Gold)

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Customer Reviews

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Cristine P.
Oh my goodness! These are brilliant!!! The...

Oh my goodness! These are brilliant!!! These will be the best Christmas presents ever!!

Linda S.A.
my friend who will receive these pencils f...

my friend who will receive these pencils for her birthday will be delighted!