Superhero Colors Colored Pencils & Coloring Pages
Superhero inspired coloring pages
Superhero inspired coloring pages
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Superhero Colors Colored Pencils Display and Pencils
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Superhero Colors Colored Pencils & Coloring Pages

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  • SET OF 12 PENCILS - Each pre-sharpened, hexagonal pencil is foil-stamped with a fun Superhero-related term related to the pencil’s color.
  • PACK OF 10 ORIGINAL PAGE DESIGNS - Each coloring page was designed and inspired by the superhero theme.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR COMIC FANS - A great gift for the fan that has everything. Each set is clever and functional!
  • QUALITY MATERIALS – Each double-painted wooden pencil includes a high-quality color core for optimal color transfer. Coloring pages are printed with quality inks on 8.5” x 11” heavy cardstock pages. The pages are not bound, so you can frame them easily.
  • COLORING IS A RELAXING ACTIVITY - Kick back and create a frame-worthy work of art.
  • DESIGNED & STAMPED IN THE USA - Each pencil is hand-stamped and assembled by a small business in Charlotte, North Carolina. Non-toxic and ASTM Approved. Safe for Kids & Adults.

This is what heroes do. They teach us right from wrong. They teach us how to deal with conflict. They teach us about kindness and how to treat fellow citizens... and they’ve been doing it for 80 years and counting.

What a ride it’s been and from the triumphs to the tribulations, and we’ve been there to witness it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re a superfan or a casual observer - Superheros have shaped us into who we are today and this set has something for even the *greenest* fan.

This super pack of pencils is a perfect gift for any fan of the heroes! Each pencil is foil-stamped with a fun reference related to your favorite moments in comic history.

Included is a 10-pack of unique coloring pages that are printed on heavy cardstock and perfect for framing once completed.

If the passing of Mr. Excelsior himself made you shed a tear. If you’ve thought to yourself, “I would fight crime as a masked vigilante if I had billions of dollars.” If you’ve ever wanted to know what the wind feels like whistling through your hair as you swing from the highest buildings in New York. This set is absolutely for you.

Color Names

  • SHAZAM! (Yellow)
  • UP, UP, AND AWAY (Dark Blue)
  • TESSERACT (Light Blue)
  • RIDDLE ME THIS (Purple)
  • EXCELSIOR! (Gold)
  • BY ODIN’S BEARD (White)
  • I AM THE NIGHT (Black)

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